Why us

Every mother, every great artist and every good manager will tell you that a good preparation is the basis for success. I can assure you that the same applies to real estate purchases and sales on Gran Canaria.



"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."


Dear prospective buyers, dear sellers, with every new challenge that we face we give our whole heart in order to help you reach your personal luck and success. Because success is only really fun once all those involved have achieved their personal goals when buying or selling. And we love fun!

But luck isn't a coincidence. It is based on good preparation, and if you would like to know how good preparation looks like in our company, please read on.

I know that some real estate agencies advertise with the slogan to always satisfy their clients 100%. There's no such thing, and that's why we don't promote ourselves in this way. What we can advertise with a clear conscience is that we always try everything to understand both sides and create a comfort zone for all parties involved in a sale or purchase. We always put in all our heart and all our knowledge in an effort to be close to the buyer and the seller and to satisfy both. So that in the end the seller, the buyer and I, can all rejoice that we have achieved the goal we set ourselves.

I assure you, most of the time we succeed.

But to say "always" would be impossible even for an office like ours!

Gräser & Partner: In the last 5 years an owner-managed real estate agency after having been a license partner of Engel & Völkers for 10 years. All positive experiences, and also the negative ones, acquired over the long-standing relationship with Engel & Völkers form the basis on which today we achieve great sales successes as a family business (mother and daughter).

On this page you will find a description about our way of working with both buyers and sellers. You do, however, have the option to click directly into the 'For sellers', or 'For buyers' section, in case you are only interested in the information of one of these.


The most important points for property seekers on Gran Canaria

In order to get as close as possible to your personal ideas about your dream property, you will receive individual attention from me and my team, from the first personal meeting through all necessary official steps, e.g. application for the N.I.E. identification number, a seven-digit number that confirms that you have an economic, professional or social connection with Spain and that is needed for almost everything, from buying a house to receiving your Amazon order.


We also offer you services that go beyond the purchase of a property, such as cleaning assistance for your new property, a simple domestic repair or even the complete renovation of your property including interior decoration

This requires a detailed personal discussion or a detailed correspondence, because your wishes and needs regarding your property form the basis of our work.

We speak German, Spanish, French, English and Italian

Due to my personal positive attitude and my ability to recognize what you as our customer really want, I will not try to fire you up about something that would not fit.

Perhaps my team and I already have the right property for you; if not, we have good contacts with whom we have worked very well in the past. This circumstance guarantees that we can find the best possible property for you.

We also protect you from one of these classic answers that you may hear from many other real estate agencies when you enquire about a property that you are interested in: "Oh, no, this property has just been sold." There's no gimmickry with us. On our website you will not find properties that have already been sold!

It is also important to know that although we are not a law firm, we have good contacts to many "helping hands” as a result of our experience. We cooperate with an experienced and competent lawyer, a tax consultant and a renowned architect in Gran Canaria. We arrange the right contact, accompany you to the appointments on site and help during conversations in order to bridge possible language barriers.


My team and I also know that the road to your own property in Gran Canaria can sometimes be a long and rocky one.

Foreign buyers may have an idea of what kind of transactions are required, but they will not be sufficiently prepared if they face some of these special and charming pitfalls of the Spanish system. The G&P team knows all aspects. We guide our buyers through the flood of sometimes complicated bureaucratic procedures that may accompany the purchase of a property.

Properties that we offer our customers are already checked in advance for legality and correctness of the papers. Thus, before the viewing appointment the property has already been put through its paces, also - very important - with regard to varying prices for the same property, found across the Internet. This is quite usual and due to the fact that sellers give their real estate to several brokers and these in turn belong to a broker consortium. This entails problems for both the buyer and the seller, which we know how to avoid through our independence. Our independence is our strength. We are not dependent on any network, higher-level institution or other service provider. This guarantees our customers that we always act with the best of our knowledge and conscience exclusively in their interest.

In a fast-moving world where people don't spend much time reading, don't pay attention to their "gut feeling" anymore and important information is overlooked too quickly, you should be careful when deciding who to work with, who to entrust with the task of being your scout through the real estate jungle. Because it is and remains mostly a purchase in a country whose language you do not speak and whose rules you do not know.

Search customers can also place an exclusive search order. Our office will enthusiastically comb the market for you, always keeping your specifications in mind.

If you should decide for another than our real estate agency or have already bought your property, we will, however, still be happy to help you with renovations and interior decoration. This service does not require that you have purchased the property from us. Although, of course, we would have preferred that...

The most important points for sellers of a property

A property is not simply an object that has to be marketed. A property is usually a matter close to the heart, a place where memories have been created or, in the case of prospective buyers, a future is to be built. A home in which a large part of your life has taken place, or which has been a holiday destination for many years. Now this home is to be sold. Therefore, it is our responsibility to do the property justice with a successful sale to its perfect match.

So, you want your property to disappear from the market? 

Then we will look for the right buyer for you, with combined forces. Because you as the seller and our partner play an important role and share responsibility.

The price at which your property is to be put on the market is in your hands.

We can "only" evaluate it professionally, provided you allow this. The actual market value of your property determines the success of the sale. We base our assessment on the sales prices of comparable properties, the legal conditions of your property, the current market situation and our many years of experience in Gran Canaria. The more the sales price corresponds to the prevailing market value, the more likely it is to find a suitable buyer for a residential property, holiday resort or hotel, quickly and successfully.

If a property, whether house, apartment, holiday resort or hotel (investment), is being offered at too high a price in the newspapers, on the Internet or other advertising platforms, then potential interested parties hesitate to enter into the contract negotiations. On the other hand, an underestimated selling price for a property can also be a mistake, because the seller forgoes part of his proceeds. In order to help you receive the correct equivalent value for your real estate on the island, we are gladly available for a conversation about the valuation and all related questions.



Normal contract or exclusive contract

First of all, you can choose between signing a normal contract or an exclusive contract with us for the sale of your property. In order for us to be able to begin our work, one of these two contracts must be concluded in writing. The contract contains the set value of your property as well as our contingent fee + IGIC, which is due at the notary's appointment. This is the day on which you also receive the money from the buyer and your property is transferred to the buyer.

The question of all questions: Should you hire one or more brokers?


Many customers wonder how many brokers they should call in to cover the entire market.

We are working more and more with exclusive contracts.

Why this?

The idea of involving several estate agents to find the right buyer for your property is based on a fallacy. Our independence is our strength. We are not dependent on any network, higher-level institution or other service provider. This guarantees you as our customer that we always act with the best of our knowledge and conscience exclusively in your interest. This is the key to success.

There are many ways to mess up the sale of your property:

  • One of them is the existence of different prices for the same property on the net. This is quite usual and due to the fact that sellers give their real estate to several brokers and these in turn belong to a broker consortium. This entails problems for both the buyer and the seller, which we know how to avoid through our independence.

  • Furthermore, the double visits by customers who have already visited the house with another broker.

  • Dissemination of false information, because you yourself have lost track of who is offering your property for sale. It is, in fact, impossible to keep track, as because of the consortium of brokers, no individual has any longer the responsibility and control over the type of marketing, which is ultimately the key to success. As soon as responsibility for the same thing lies with several people, nobody is really responsible anymore. Like many things in life, selling a house is no different.

  • If your property appears on too many pages because it is offered by too many brokers, potential buyers will be sceptical. 

How to avoid all this?

Only through a decisive sales advantage: The exclusive contract

A property represented by a single broker appears exclusive, through limited publication. Mass marketing is not equal to success. A prospective buyer will enjoy discovering something that is not offered everywhere like a mass-produced product. This happiness of having discovered something special - and that's what your property is - is lost to the potential buyers if the property is offered everywhere, and in the worst case they continue searching and put your property aside.

Even if your property is "only" represented by us, it will find its new owner. I assure you of that, as our exclusive customer. :-)

Specifically, that means: We offer our customers an exclusive sale through Gräser & Partner as the main broker and main responsible party. Within our network we work with selected cooperation partners who are only allowed to change prices, descriptions etc. after consultation with us and who also adhere to these specifications. Brokers who do not belong to our close cooperation partners will of course also get in touch with us, but visits will only take place in our presence, and cooperation agreements will be concluded with these brokers beforehand in order to avoid you having to pay double commission in the end.

Decisive advantages of an exclusive contract for a real estate owner who wants to sell their property successfully

  • There is only one agency, Gräser & Partner, with whom you need to stay in touch.

  • A strategy for the successful marketing of your property will be designed, tailored to you personally and your property for sale.

  • The dissemination of false information about your property is completely excluded.

  • Limited publication of your property to avoid an interested party thinking: "There's something wrong with this property." There will be a well-prepared preselection of places where your property can be promoted wisely.

  • Our cooperation partners will work exclusively with information that has been agreed and approved by Gräser & Partner and thus by you.

  • The exclusive contract allows us to involve suitable partners from the real estate sector without losing control over the strategy.

  • A well-arranged appointment organisation by Gräser & Partner which will completely avoid double visits.

  • No unauthorized information, visits or price negotiations by third parties without the prior consent of Gräser & Partner.

  • No different selling prices on the Internet.


 I will be glad if I was already able to help you out with this information, and I hope to welcome you soon in our office.

Andrea Graeser and her team.